Dorska – prstoklady – anglo-americké značenie

Doric mode – scale from the basic (rote) tone „A“

upper left index = numerical designation of the interval relative to the root tone

right upper index = recommended fingering

Dorska – dorsky modus –  (prstoklady na tesno)

Dorian scale (tight fingers) – large photo – click here!

Classic positional game – for a tight solution always covering 4 consecutive frets (positions, logically connected to each other, i.e. e.g. in the 1st classical – tight position the index finger plays 1 position, in the second the middle finger plays, in the third – the ring finger and in the fourth – the little finger of the fretting hand (the fingers together cover the first 4 positions of the guitar fretboard). 

Dorian mode – scale from the basic (rote) tone „A“


Dorska – dorsky modus –  (rozšírené prstoklady)

Dorian scale from „A“ (extended fingers) – large photo – click here!

Playing in extended positions – allows you to serve more than four consecutive positions (most often five). However, it requires greater extensibility of the fingers of the tactile hand.


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